Profil Ir. Mulyanto Soerjodibroto PhD










Mining Engineer (Ir), Faculty of Mineral Technology, Institute of Technology Bandung.

Master of Business Management (SE), Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia, Jakarta.

PhD in Engineering Management, University of Missouri Rolla, USA

Experiences Record.

1981 – 1987 Head, Uranium Mining Technique Development Division, BATAN

1985 – 1987 Vice Manager, Uranium Mining and Processing Project, BATAN

1987 – 1989 Manager, Uranium Mining and Processing Project, BATAN

1994 – 1998 Manager, Nuclear Energy Development Assessment Division, BATAN

1998 Lecturer, Statistical Process Control, Surveyor Indonesia

1994 – 1996 Chief Supervisor,  NPP (Nuclear Power Plant) Siting Studies, New Japanese Engineering Company

1995  – 1997 Chief Counterpart Team for IAEA NPP Siting Evaluation Team

1996 Coordinator for Sargent & Lundy – REKIND Study on Geotechnical Aspect of NPP Siting.

1996 – 1998 Coordinator, National  Technical Team for NPP Siting Study

1997 Coordinator For Bechtel Study on NPP Bid Invitation Specification (BIS) Development in Indonesia

1999 – 2001 Director, Nuclear Technique Application Division, PT. Batan Teknologi

2001 – July 2007 President Director, PT. Batan Teknologi

2007 – 2013 General Manager of PT.SADETEX

2006  Director of PT.Venture Mineral Resources, Jakarta