Profile Andrew Fiade

2000-2004 Bachelor Degree Informatika Engineering, Mercu Buana Univercity, Topic of Thesis “ application remote computer client server  by delphi 7
2006-2009 Magister of Computer Science, Indonesia Univercity, Topic of Thesis “ Comparation performance Grid Computing Globus and Alchemi”



Simulasi Jaringan Publisher Graha Ilmu 2013 This Book contains about network simulation with packet tracer with sub topic routing protokol rip, eigrp, ospf. Dhcp, dns and many more


Socket Programming Publisher Graha Ilmu 2011 This book contains about remote computer with  delphi, with two application client and server. Client can shutdown, send message, restart, hide function windows operating system.


Pemrograman jaringan dengan VB. NET Publisher 2016 When Socket Programming with Delphi, this book write with language programming visual basic .net







Organisational  Experience

Chairman of the laboratory Informatika Engginerring 2010 Mercu Buana Univercity
Chairman of the data and informatioan center Faculty of Science and Technology 2011 UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta
Coordinator data center and security Pustipanda 2014-2015 UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta